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Experience NZ

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Showcasing the beauty of New Zealand to online visitors who are interested in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and wish to experience New Zealand and its beautiful nature.
From the moment I started my Matariki Gallery - Maori Art & Crafts in The Netherlands - back in 2007, people who came to visit my exhibitions or my website ( started to ask me questions about where they should go on their next journey to New Zealand. I tried to give them the best advice over the years but I guess this new page will be the best answer to all these questions. Showcasing the beauty of Aotearoa (New Zealand) to people interested to go on a holiday in New Zealand, to travelers planning a journey to New Zealand or to online visitors who just wish to experience the beauty of New Zealand 'online'. My goal is to showcase as much as possible of the beautiful New Zealand nature, scenery, landscapes, atmosphere, Kiwi hospitality, tourist attractions, activities and experiences. If you are also interested in Maori Culture, Arts & Crafts I would like to refer you to my website Matariki Gallery and my FBpage Matariki Gallery about Maori culture.